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5 Best Practices For Small Business Websites

A small business needs to work harder than its business counterparts do. While a big brand does not have a strict budget and resource, a small business needs to take every step carefully. It cannot experiment with strategies for too long, and therefore, has to follow a strict set of rules. However, every small business has the potential to outshine its peer group.

A small business’s official website is the platform that can get used to take the game to a whole new level. Are you wondering how this is possible? Some practices can help a small business grow, and increase its conversion rate.

Practice 1: Incorporating Informative Videos

Web visitors do not like to read long, textual content anymore. If they are looking for some information, the information should get delivered to them as fast as possible. Adding crisp, precise and informative videos is the perfect solution to the problem. Visitors will not only find you interesting, but you will also have enough whitespace to add something new.

Practice 2: Keeping the Navigation Predictable

You should keep the website navigation simple and clean. Web visitors should find it easy to find the information they want. As a small business, you cannot afford to lose even a single customer. Therefore, you need to do what your visitors are expecting you to do. It is better if you avoid using something smart like “Say Hello” when your visitors are expecting to see the “Contact Us” button.

Practice 3: Installing Analytics

Analytics will help you know what pages your visitors are finding nice and useful. Moreover, you will also get an idea about what pages are not attracting any visitor. Analytics will help you get amazing insights into the habits of your visitors. As you can guess already, this will help you improve the ineffective pages and make you work harder on the effective pages.

Practice 4: Launching a Mobile App

A small business mobile app is a very effective solution if you want to reach a wider audience. People are relying more on their mobile devices when it comes to surfing the Internet. As a result, they are now keener on getting everything on the go. A mobile app that talks about your business means that it will become easier for your customers to know about your recent activities.

Practice 5: Investing in Social Media and SEO

Both SEO and social media will give you a great amount of exposure. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a necessity today. SEO can increase your visibility in the SERPs, and a higher ranking in the SERPs will bring you more visitors. Similarly, social media engagement will make your followers become more aware about your small business.