Small Business Computer

The small business computer is similar in many ways to the typical home computer. That is to say that the home computer offers many of the same features as a system built for the small business, though with more diverse functions. The small business computer generally has a more specialized purpose, so is built to accommodate those purposes, while eliminating as many extraneous functions as possible. This creates a system that will work great for one or two purposes, but not as well for every function computers can do.

One type of specialized small business computer is the office computer. The office system is built to allow easy access to information from all work stations. Since most users in the office will need to access the same information, they are all configured with the same software. Most often, these include document creation, database, and email programs. Some computers will be installed with presentation software such as Power Point. In most cases, the RAM doesn’t need to be as high, and the screen and video resolutions don’t have to be as state of the art as another type of business system would have to be. This creates a streamlined information sharing system.

On the opposite end of the small business computer spectrum is the graphics design system. A computer designed for graphics design would generally have an entirely different set of specifications than the information sharing system. The box of this type would most likely be built with higher end graphics cards, have much more RAM to support the programs required, and would have a larger hard drive to store larger graphics files. A system of this type wouldn’t necessarily need information sharing software such as Microsoft Office, since the main thrust of the system is on graphic design, not strict information. Connectivity to the network, and the internet at large, is generally a given in this type also.

In many cases, the small business computer built for web design is the best of both worlds. Due to the number of different programs that need to be open at the same time, this type of computer needs to have a large amount of RAM installed in it. Since web design is highly graphic intensive, the system is also equipped with a better graphics card than most. The computer would also have to be connected to both the office network and the internet, especially with a high speed connection. The web based work space also has to have the capabilities of information sharing, to create presentations, create inter office memos, and send emails. The hard drives on this small business computer is generally a large sized one, in order to store all of the files associated with each page created. This is a system that would be able to do just about any task needed.

The small business computer world has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Providing for streamlined efficiency, the┬ásmall business computer is designed to maximize productivity of its own particular uses, while eliminating things not needed. This allows for a much less expensive computer, in general. Concentrating on one aspect of computing can save the company money in the form of hardware and software. Training on these is usually much easier, also, since there aren’t a lot of programs to learn that will probably not be used. Knowing the best type of system to purchase or rent will directly affect the bottom line of any company in business today.