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5 Tips for Home Based Business Owners to Make More Money Online With Smart Marketing

Tip 1 – Marketing Plan

The most important thing you need to do is create a Marketing Plan, in this plan you should define what you expect from your marketing efforts. Set realistic goals and state the methods you’re going to use to achieve your goals. Take a pen and write down everything in a list form then complete those steps as you go.

Tip 2 – Where to Start Marketing

Now that you know exactly what your goals are you can start to create content to market to the internet users. It’s a wise idea to use social sites for your Marketing efforts, as this is the places where most people go to when online. I use places like, and You Should consider content sites like Article directories as well.

Tip 3 – What to do and when?

ASAP, the trick is to do as much as you can as soon as you can. But the secret is to continually submit content as you go. You can create a time table to help you submit the content as you go. I submit 3-times a week. 3 different types of content at a time, (1-video, 1-article, 10 tweets)

Tip 4 – Targeted Traffic from Search Engines

No this is widely claimed to be a top secret, I do admit I’m no SEO Guru but here is something that I know works for Articles, You need your content to be SE friendly. This means you need a Title with your main keyword (the one you are targeting example; Dog Training) your title should have this type of look. (3 Tips for People with Dogs – Best Dog Training Methods that work fast) then the second thing is use the tag this is a heading bellow your main title. Have a look at the complete structure of this article.

Title (3 Tips for People with Dogs – Best Dog Training Methods that work fast)

Heading 1 (How to help dogs stay fit – you notice the keyword “dogs”)

Content (your main keywords should be mentioned at least twice here)

Heading 2 (How to treat a DOG and train him – Keyword; “Dog” “Training”)

Content (Mention only at least one keyword)

Footer (your name, slogan and your site link)

This makes it easy for search engines to go through your article and give it to people that’s searching for the same keywords as you Remember to use links in your content but do not use normal links this is the html code for a hidden link remove the + from the code <+a href=”your URL link here”>Dog Training Site<+/a>. You should use only two content links per article.

Now that you have this secret, try out this cool method: Let at least one content link point to your own Blog. This works for SEO.

Tip 5 – Videos that market

People like to go to YouTube and look for stuff, YouTube has become a video search engine. I suggest you create videos that are both entertaining and fun to watch. But remember it should be targeted at your Main Keywords. There’s a lot of good video editing tools online some are for free try to add music and if possible your own voice. It is useful to link to a video from your article this increases SEO.

Conclusion; Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or confusing, Use your Marketing to Target the main keywords and remember to point all your links in your articles to your own sites. There should be no more than 3 links in your articles. One pointing to your blog, one pointing to your free gift (list-building) and one to your offer (sales page).

Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business – Being In the Right Place At the Right Time

Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business- Get in the Game
If you are not doing your best to implement tips and strategies on the internet for your small business, you are missing out on a huge piece of revenue. It’s time for you to get in the game.

The actual impact that web marketing can have on your business is huge in comparison to traditional marketing where you give you un-divided attention to one customer at a time. On the other hand, the web is able to multiply your efforts by at least 100-fold. How would this shift change your business?

Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business- Set Up Your Supermarket
The idea of setting up your supermarket is simple. You form a place where your target market can come and learn more about what you sell. This can be done through a simple website or a blog.

Truthfully, a blog is going to be your best choice since you have to ability to add multiple pieces of content, affiliate products, your own products, etc. Since content is king, Google will love you the more consistent you become with forming news worthy content that your target market would love.

Also, your supermarket needs to have the right address so it can easily be found by your potential customers and clients. In other words, having the right keywords in place on your website or blog will give your visitors the road map to finding your supermarket on the internet so they can learn more about your, your products, and services.

Internet Marketing Tips for Small Business- Search Engine Marketing
Being a newbie small business owner on the internet can look and feel overwhelming at first. However, if you are willing to learn a few skills that will get your message and business in front of thousands, how much would you sacrifice to learn these activities?

One of the most important tactics in your techniques will involve search engine marketing where you position yourself on the first page of Google. Some of the top ways of doing this are:

Getting Massive Backlinks
SEO Optimization
Keyword Placement
Social Media

Internet Marketing Tips for Small Business- Social Media Highway
When you have implemented the above tips into your strategy online, you are ready to incorporate social media platforms such as videos, audios, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With the social media highway, you will be able to take your efforts to higher heights due to the relationships you have the potential of building. Making your blog or website more personable using social media is bound to grab the attention of your target market. With a persistent attitude, your success will find you in no time.