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Expert Camping Advice

Camping is essentially for those of us who love the outdoors
and can do without all of the comforts of home for a short while. However, just loving the outdoors is not enough to guarantee that the experience will be a fun one. The essentials of having fun in the great outdoors are preparation and an open mind. Preparation is easy, if you follow some simple rules.

When you are getting ready to plan a trip, you must select a convenient time that will give you flexibility of one to two days. This will make the trip more about you, and less about your timetable. You may run into weather problems or you may just want to camp for an extra day. Next, choose a
location and make it specific. Don’t just choose a county where you saw a campground. Call the campground or the park office and get reservations or information about the time you have allotted. Many parks are happy give you
information and tips about what to expect. The most
complicated step in preparation is making a list of what to
bring. Making a list is essential and your list will change
dramatically the more you trips you take.

The first thing you need to put on your list of things to
take is the things that will get you there. If you are
hiking to a campsite, list the number of backpacks. If you
are simply driving to a site, list the number of cars. Then
you must plan your shelter and sleeping situation.

Remember, tents are a luxury and heavy to carry. Hikers
usually bring a plastic tarp that can shelter up to four
people. With a tarp, you can tie it between trees for cover
from the elements. Many time you won’t even need that but
you can always lay the tarp on the ground to designate a
clean sleeping area. After this has been set, you will go
over what food you will need. We stress need here. Stray
from fresh produce and meets because they spoil easy and
their scent attracts animals and insects. Stick to dried
food and canned items. Canned items will add weight, but
they are more calorie rich and very easy to cook in multiple
situations. Most of your food should be snacks, so that you
don’t have to cook very much. Trail mix and yogurt covered
raisins will fill you up more than you think, and they are a
cheap alternative to buying food from camping stores that
hike up the price on dried meals.

The last things you will put on your list are what will make you comfortable. Minimal clothing is best. One of each type
of outfit is best. One pair of shorts, pants, sweatshirt,
tee, and a couple pairs of undergarments including socks is
enough. One poncho will take up minimal space. Small LED
flash lights will get you around at night if you stray from
the fire. Then make sure you have some things to keep you
busy. Books, playing cards and a nerf football are all
light and can be very entertaining for hours on end. As
long as you don’t start dragging along things that aren’t
meant for the outdoors, you should be fine. Remember that
everything will be at home when you get back. Most
importantly make a not of the things you didn’t use and the
things you wished you brought. That will make each trip you
take more enjoyable and different than the last.

Have Fun Camping With Kids

Taking the kids camping is a great way to get away from the television, cell phone, video games and the computer just having some fun spending time together. It is also a great way to help your children learn more about nature from their own first hand experiences.

You and your kids can be modern campers by camping in a camper or RV or you can rough it somewhat with tent camping without electricity. The latter is really a better learning experience for your kids.

When you rough it you can do fun things like have a camp fire and roast wieners or marshmallows. The children can be assigned the chore of gathering the firewood for your camp fire. Another great food to prepare is to wrap corn on the cob in foil and roast it on the fire.

It is great fun to sit around a campfire, eat camp foods, sing campfire songs and tell stories or play games. If it is after dark, teach them to be very quite and listen to the sounds of nature. Try to identify each sound and attach it to the animal from which it comes.

Let your children help put up the tent. Show them how to drive the stakes and secure the tent. Teach the kids how to wash dishes in the nearby creek.

Depending on where you go camping, then it could be fun to go hiking and exploring in the woods around the campsite during the day. Teach them to identify the different trees in the area by name and when you go back to the land of the computer then they can research more about each tree and what it might be best made from that type of tree if it was cut down.