Be Your Own Fashion Icon: Enjoy the Fun and Adventure of Being Your Own Fashion Icon

Fashion designers usually set the tone for the fashion trend in every society. They design clothing they think most people will like to wear. When they want to showcase their fashion collections to the public, they cherry pick cat-walkers with certain body types and shapes to wear the clothing or outfits they want to display. The body types and shapes of these cat-walkers are often very similar, and they are not the complete representation of the body types and shapes of many men and women in any society. It is hard to find short people or plus size women or men big and tall among the cat-walkers. This group of men and women left out of fashion modeling tend not to find “models” for their clothing. Besides leaving out some fraction of the society in modeling fashion clothing, some of the clothing in the collections of some designers may not appeal to everyone. Apart from using cat-walkers to show case their fashion collections, many fashion designers rely on celebrities to wear their clothing and as such use them as “platforms” to advertise their clothing designs. Unfortunately there are celebrities that do not have good taste for fashion, they tend to wear clothing that a lot of people consider inappropriate, and for these reasons some people may opt to be their own fashion icons. They go out of their way to search for clothing fashion they deem appropriate and suitable for their body types and shapes without minding what the trending fashion is. It is a laudable and fun adventure to be one’s own fashion icon

What Does it Mean to be Your Own Fashion Icon?

To be your own fashion icon implies you may not have to move with the fashion trend. You dress or choose what you wear irrespective of what other people around you are wearing or what you think your friends or colleagues expect you to wear. You love what you wear and go out of your way to choose the type of clothing that fit your body type and shape.

What Does It Take to Be Your Own Fashion Icon?

Being your own fashion icon requires that when you are buying your clothing, you have to carefully select clothing designs and styles that fit your body type and shape and also match your personality. Choosing to be your own fashion icon implies you having confidence in yourself. The clothing styles and designs you buy should reflect this sense of self confidence. If you cannot design and sew your own clothing, you have to make selection of your clothing from different brands so as to give you the varieties of clothing styles and designs you need for different events and occasions. Different clothing stores whether on-line clothing stores or brick and mortar clothing stores carry varieties of clothing from different fashion designers. As your own fashion icon you need to search out different clothing stores to see the different clothing styles and designs they carry and make selections from their collections. There are fashion designers that specialize in only women’s dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses and long gowns. Some other designers specialize in women’s official or formal wears such as skirt suits, pant suits, dress pants, pant sets, blouses, skirts and church dress suits. There are some others that specialize in men’s clothing such as business suits, men’s dress shirts with matching ties and hankie, jackets, sportcoats or winter coats while others specialize in other men’s accessories like men’s knit vests, cufflinks, sweaters, men’s dress shoes and other varieties of men’s clothing like scooter or motorcycle jackets, denim vests, denim shirts, men’s casual shirts, men’s walking suits and many others. There are varieties of clothing you can choose from always bearing in mind your body type, shape, personality and the nature of events and occasions you attend.

These are some of the hints that will help you to be your own fashion icon, enjoy the fun and the adventure of being your own fashion icon.