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Take the Clothes Steamer With You on Your Trips Lest You Want to Look All Rumpled and Creased

Taking your clothes steamer on your business trips should be a top priority. Wait, having a steamer should be your priority in the first place. But having it with you while you’re traveling is sometimes a life saver.

It is compact, portable and light, so there’s no excuse of having too much stuff and the steamer not fitting in at all. Have you ever opened your suitcase when you got to your destination and realized that your clothes need a heavy ironing or changing altogether? And that at the worst time possible. Imagine actually traveling for business and going to your meeting 2 hours after landing in your rumpled and creased clothes. Not fun!

The hotel might not have a dry cleaner or if they have a cleaning valet service, you don’t want to foot the bill for that one. Or your company for the matter. You do need to appear well put and smart for your meeting. Not only will make you look more professional and confident, but less like a dork in front of the all the business partners.

When you take out your clothes steamer from the luggage, it takes less than a minute to warm up enough to work through your creased and wrinkled clothes. Not only that, but it will also remove the stale odor out of your clothes and make them feel fresh again. Not to mention that it kills bacteria from your clothes.

Having your portable steamer with you on your travels means a bit of extra luxury as well, when you think that you can now use it on your hotel linen and your pillows as well in a heartbeat. You feel like they’ve changed the linen just before. Having the steamer with you on your trips is not a luxury really, it’s a major necessity!

Annual Multi Trip Insurance for Travellers With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you are like many others who have a current, pre-existing medical condition, then you will be under no illusions as to how difficult and arduous it can be to get a good and affordable insurance policy when you are looking into getting travel insurance.

With the current price of insurance and given how picky insurance companies can be, it can be very difficult for you to get worldwide annual multi trip cover if you have a previous condition.

The reason for such extreme financial costs these days is that Travel Insurance companies have to pay out huge sums of money every year to medical and emergency patients with travel insurance. This is why a lot of insurance companies offer huge sums of money worth of insurance cover across the globe to pay for things like hospital treatment and travel expenses, if you fall ill abroad and have to stay there for additional medical cover.

This is why when you already have a medical risk, you can be asked to pay additional premiums from your insurance company. Whether you have had to overcome a serious illness such as cancer, or something minor which required very little medical attention, they will ask you to disclose these incidents when it comes to taking out travel insurance.

Even if you have made a complete recovery from the illness, you still have to watch out for the extra premiums you will be asked to pay, due to having struggled in the past as there is a chance of returning.

The good news is that some travel insurance agents offer really wide range of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered for free. You can cover all your conditions at no extra fee if you choose the right company.

When you speak to an insurance company, you will have to go through a special process where you are asked a series of questions and reveal some very in-depth details, if they find it necessary. While this can be an unnerving and even sometimes upsetting process, they have to do this so that they can give you the right deal when it comes to your previous health records. Hiding the truth may result in pitiable experience and huge financial losses.

Make sure that you declare everything, no matter how small, so if any old injuries or illnesses return when you are abroad, you have told them previously of an ongoing problem – otherwise they may not pay out. Any doctor can distinguish a pre-existing condition from the first accident. Whom are you trying to fool?

The destination of your holiday matters too, for example, some of European countries have the most expensive health care along with the United States, and this can dictate on your success, or the cost, of your insurance. If you try and get a deal with worldwide annual multi-trip cover, then you will be able to go anywhere in the world and be protected.

Although travel insurance does offer peace of mind when travelling around, as if you do fall ill while abroad and cannot be brought home for treatment, you know that your expenses are paid for by your insurance company, so you know that your treatment is covered.