Heartburn Foods – Foods That Fan the Flames

If you suffer from heartburn, you probably are well aware that what you eat can trigger some pretty uncomfortable symptoms. If you’re aware of what these negative heartburn foods are, you can often avoid the symptoms of heartburn. And there are also positive heartburn foods that will improve the symptoms of heartburn. This article will focus on foods are likely to cause you problems. However, I will point you toward a resource that would tell you about foods to help treat heartburn and acid reflux.

Even though different foods bother different people, there are common themes. I’ll go over some of the common troublesome foods here, but ultimately you’ll have to compile your own definitive list of the foods that you know bother you.

In general, fatty meats are problematic for many heartburn sufferers. Hamburger meat and sausage are examples, especially if fried in a lot of grease. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Buffalo wings can cause indigestion. After all, chicken wings are fatty to begin with then, to make Buffalo wings, they’re deep fried and coated with a spicy butter sauce.

Many people with acid reflux need be careful with sweets, oils and fats. Snack foods such as potato chips and corn chips can cause problems because they are high in fat. Many people are saddened to discover that chocolate is a major problem for them. Along the same lines brownies, donuts and other pastries can be problematic. In short anything that is fried, fatty or greasy might cause heartburn.

There are certain beverages that are problematic heartburn foods. For many people, coffee is the culprit. And any citrus juice such as orange juice, grapefruit juice and lemonade can trigger a severe episode of heartburn, as can tomato juice. Alcoholic beverages are another group of drinks you need to be careful with.

Probably the most common trigger is a spicy tomato sauce, especially if it’s accompanied by greasy meatballs. Combine this, as people often do, with a large volume of pasta and it’s a pretty reliable recipe for heartburn. Another combo that’s very common but a bad idea if you’re suffering from heartburn is pizza with buffalo chicken wings on the side.

The last group of foods I want to mention are some dairy products. Though in one sense milk and other dairy products coat and soothe the esophagus and stomach, the balance of opinion is that the fat in regular dairy products causes more problems than it helps.

For some people, changing their diet and avoiding trigger foods is all they need to do to bring their acid reflux under control. You can find out more about which foods to avoid and, just as important, which foods can help at: